Monday, April 30, 2007

Second Life version 1.15.0 Issues

Second Life version 1.15.0 Issues

Saturday, April 28th, 2007 at 5:07 PM PDT by: michaellinden

A big part of the 1.15.0 release was a revamp of the systems behind the Group (and Conference) IM mechanisms, moving from a single server to a distributed set of systems. Obviously, this migration didn’t go without a hitch.

This bug summarizes both the problem and the pain pretty well:

We have fixes for the following issues undergoing testing internally, and they should be deployed early next week. Unfortunately, to deploy them will require a short grid downtime (20-30 minutes). Once we have tested the fixes, we will announce a time for this update.

  • “X has left the session” is not seen when someone has spoken then left the group IM session
  • “X has left the session” message sent when it shouldn’t
  • Group IMs take up to 5 minutes to get through to you after a teleport.

There is one more case that will unfortunately require both a server and viewer update. We will evaluate the timing of releasing this based on feedback - kicking everyone off the grid for 1-2 hours and requiring a new download is not something we take lightly, and while the problem is irritating, we don’t want to make the cure worse. The issue is:

  • ”Group chat IM reopens and error is received when attempting to send a message after user has closed group chat session”

Please report additional issues seen in the 1.15.0 release at our Issue Tracker [ ].

We anticipate making an optional viewer update available within the next week or two with many accumulated fixes.

Our apologies in advance for the inconvenience, and our thanks to the Residents while we continue to improve Second Life।

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