Thursday, April 19, 2007

[UPDATED] More problems with Search, teleports, map, etc.

[UPDATED] More problems with Search, teleports, map, etc.

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007 at 8:08 PM PDT by: Torley Linden

[5:05 AM PDT] Unfortunately, we’ve been having more troubles with the database affecting search and related features in the last hour. And again, we’re been doing recovery processes until we can tackle the deeper causes of this issue. Seeing as how this continues to flare up every few hours, it’s frustrating to us as it is you, and we’ll keep you updated on the longer-term progress we make with this and other Grid issues.

[2:05 AM PDT] Teeple Linden just broadcast this inworld:

ALL-CLEAR: Thank you for your patience during the service slowdowns of the past hour. If your inworld L$ balance is incorrect, a quick relog should fix it.

[1:52 AM PDT] Things have settled down once more. We’re keeping on an eye on it and will jump back into the fray if anything else happens during the night.

[1:22 AM PDT] We just did some emergency maintenance to stabilize the database; fixes will take a few minutes to propagate (like before) and you should see Search and related functionality returning; we’re going to look at the logs in closer detail to determine why this recurred.

[2007-04-19 @ 1:16 AM PDT] We’re in the midst of experiencing the same problems as earlier. We’re investigating right now.

[8:30 PM PDT] Inworld experiences are feeling much better again.

[8:19 PM PDT] Recovery processes have run. Symptoms are clearing up right now, you should see things return to normal in several minutes.

We’re currently working on database issues resulting in various problems like Search not working, L$ balances not showing up, teleports failing, map not loading, etc. This should be transient and subside shortly — we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience and sorry about this.

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