Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Support Update

Support Update

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 at 10:55 AM PDT by: cynlinden

During our transition to a new support system, there are a few temporary measures to keep in mind when contacting support. The new support system will provide many improvements, including a greatly expanded Knowledge Base and a support solution finder that will be easier to search, far more user-friendly and vastly comprehensive than our existing resources have been.

For problems with Billing..
Email to or call one of the following numbers during PST business hours..
1-800-961-6851 (US and Canada)
(00) 800 722 00010 (UK)
(0011) 800 722 00010 (Australia)

For technical and in-world support issues..
To request a region rollback, first read the following:

Then make the request using the Rollback Request form. To inform us of a crashed/down region, once it has been down for at least 30 minutes, please use the Down Region form.

Region performance issues should still be reported via estate services (concierge) for estate owners, and by emailing for mainland Residents. It is worth making clear that we do continually monitor the grid for region performance problems and we do respond to any problems that we see, in fact the majority are fixed before they are reported to us.

Many other technical or in-world support issues can be addressed through the following support resources.. and

..or by phone during business hours..

1-800-961-6851 (US and Canada)
(00) 800 722 00010 (UK)
(0011) 800 722 00010 (Australia)

Governance/abuse issues including grid attacks..
It is important to realize that although it may look the same, the way that abuse reporting works on the back end is very different now. To understand more about how the new reporting system operates and what you can expect from the governance team, see this post: Changes in Abuse Reporting

Regarding support response times..
When you submit a ticket to support, you are currently being added to a queue that does not distinguish between inworld help and regular technical support. From this point on you will be sending your issue to a better triaged queue that will have more people working it – and therefore better response times will result. If you need help inworld, those folks will be able to provide it to you through the ticketing system, therefore if your issue requires inworld help - they can respond accordingly. As we move to the next level for support, tickets will be filtered to the correct staff more accurately still, which we expect to greatly improve the support experience and response times.

For those “Help, I am stuck!” questions..
Many of the questions in Help Request have been from new folks who are stuck or confused in one way or another. Volunteers inworld will still be able to help those people right away.

Concierge team coverage..
The concierge team will shortly be expanding its current phone coverage to cover UK office hours. We have grown the team to 8 full time and 2 part time members and are moving towards 24/7 coverage as rapidly as we can. Jack will blog more about the progress of the concierge team soon.

As we work to upgrade and improve our support services, we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding going forward.

- Cyn

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