Thursday, May 15, 2008

Inworld Services Disrupted

Inworld Services Disrupted

[ALL CLEAR 11:43 PM Pacific] Logins are open and the asset system is stabilized. Please be patient logging in for the next few minutes. If possible, wait for the first login to complete instead of canceling and retrying, so that you maintain your position in the login queue.

[UPDATE 10:58 PM Pacific] Logins are now Linden-only while Operations repairs the asset system. Please do not attempt valuable transactions until the ALL CLEAR is given.

[UPDATE 10:30 PM Pacific] Operations is continuing to assess the slowdown. They’re sufficiently engaged in the effort that getting more details from them at the moment would be a counterproductive distraction. We’ll ask them for more information when possible, and a follow up post when the slowdown is cleared.

There’s an issue with the asset servers which is interfering with a number of inworld services. It is being investigated, but until the issue is resolved, please refrain from making transactions or rezzing no-copy items.

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