Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Second Life (Non) Status

Listing of problems and issues with Second Life
Downtime, teleport, database, event, groups and various service issues.
5/7/08 [PJIRA] Support Portal Temporarily Unavailable
5/7/08 Second Life Downtime Maintenance
5/7/08 Database Issues
5/6/08 Event Posting Unavailable
5/5/08 Database Issues
5/5/08 Second Life Downtime Maintenance 05/07/08
5/5/08 Phone Support Down
5/3/08 700+ Regions Currently Unreachable
5/2/08 Logins and other db-related services slow
5/2/08 Some Webservers Not Showing Current Transaction History
5/1/08 Some regions not coming up or have broken region presence.
5/1/08 New Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC5 is available
5/1/08 Second Life In-World Service Issues
5/1/08 PHONES- Partial phone support disruption
4/29/08 Teleports and Region Crossings affected in-world
4/28/08 Rolling Restart planned for Wed April 30/Thu May 1
4/26/08 Database, asset server issues.
4/26/08 Group Payouts Delayed
4/26/08 Rolling Restart for 1.21 Server Deploy Wed/Thu/Fri
4/26/08 Inworld Issues and Logins

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